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Somewhere along all updates I forgot to update the CreeperSiteMapEngine, perhaps one of the most important pieces for search enging robots to index, it generates an XML with links, priority, update frequence for almost all pages on the site, again it was a silly error .. encoding of urls. As we accept IDN-domains, a small piece of code that handled the encoding that wasn’t very well written, which made the script emit errors and halt less than half way through.

That might explain why I haven’t seen as much traffic to certain pages as expected, hopefully the sitemap.xml will be re-indexed in a while and traffic returns.

There is also a humans.txt file available as well, with credits to the helpful people around me.

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Jul 14 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve built MediaCreeper with support for multiple languages, at the moment there is two complete language definitions; Swedish and English.

These are the two languages I can handle and speak, read and write. English will be enough to reach out to the world but I can imagine that there will be requests for German, French… Mandarin?

It’s quite simple really, all strings (yes, strings) of all languages are kept in a single XML-document (will be split into several if necessary) that is read when a page is prepared for rendering (in CreeperFramework’s TemplateEngine), a selector is used to point at a language out of several — so it’s easy to add more.

The few things needed to create a new language/translation is a language-template file (an XML-fragment really) and a good text editor that can handle UTF-8 encoding properly.

I think it is even possible to handle RTL-languages, I have nevere tried it, all the bits should be there though.

Interested in translating MediaCreeper into another language? Write me a mail, mediacreeper (-at-)

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