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I’ve been working a bit with translations, it’s really simple. There are text fragments in an XML-document which each have a name, an example template (in English) for translation below.

<language name="XX" caption="(Language Name ex. 'English')" dir="ltr">
<item name="CREEPER_404_CONTENTS"><![CDATA[The page you are looking for does not exist, please check the URL. The URL you tried to fetch was <b>[%%CREEPER_404_URL%%]</b>]]></item>
<item name="CREEPER_404_HEADING">Not found</item>
<item name="CREEPER_404_META_DESCRIPTION">The page you are looking for does not exist, check the URL</item>
<item name="CREEPER_BADGE_ALT">Monitored by [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_FACEBOOK_SHARE_CONTENT">Share on Facebook</item>
<item name="CREEPER_HISTORY_HEADING">Report for [%%CREEPER_HISTORYDATE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_HISTORY_NOHITS">No hits for [%%CREEPER_HISTORYDATE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_HOWTO_CONTENT">Add this code snippet to all pages you want to monitor:</item>
<item name="CREEPER_HOWTO_HEADING">This is how to do it</item>
<item name="CREEPER_HOWTO_META_DESCRIPTION">With a small code snippet on your blog, you can monitor too</item>
<item name="CREEPER_INDEX_CONTENT"><![CDATA[<p><a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]index">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</a> is a simple monitoring system for the public who want to see where the <em>fourth estate</em> are looking for information on the Internet. It presupposes that you are contributing and take care of your part of the surveillance. The aim is to try to add to the discussion of "old media" news coverage innefficieny. Do they write about what they read in blogs and forums?<br />If not, why?</p><p>By exposing what journalists and reporters are interested in, you can see if there is a discrepancy between what is relayed in media and what they read online. Often raised the question why the media does not write about things of interest to many citizens, and can be seen in particular blogs.</p><p>By entering a piece of code somewhere on your website, <a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]howto">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</a> will gather information about which IP addresses that visit your site. Anyone who surfs can hide their address or browse from a place other than the news room, so it's not completely optimal. <a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]latest">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</a> is not a way to get your statistics, but the functionality makes it possible to follow "old media" who browse the web.</p><p>The statistics, found on a page that is public for all. You do not need to register to begin monitoring "old media", it's enough to link to <a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]index">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</a>. You can also follow the recent visits by an RSS feed. Just click on the icon that lead to the feed.</p><p>If the [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]-badge on the left has a red border, you are most probably surfing from an IP we are monitoring, thus being logged. In all other cases the the image appears as black and white an no information is stored.</p><p>Do you think anything is missing from the <a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]ipblocks">IP address list</a>? Please send the IP address and it's owners name, the list will be updated from time to time with new ranges. Contact us by sending email to <a href=""></a>. <a href="[%%CREEPER_BASEURI%%]index">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</a> has it's own group on <a href="">Facebook</a> and you can also follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a>.</p><p>[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] is virtually identical in appearance and function with the original <a href="">Creeper</a> which monitors Swedish government departments and bodies, the military and most political parties, the two individuals behind the respective website. We monitor two different things, the media and authorities. [%%CREEPER_NAME%%] was/is developed in some collaboration with <a href="">Patrik Wallström</a> though, who runs the original <a href="">Creeper</a>.</p><p>Some people have contributed to [%%CREEPER_NAME%%] with sound advice, suggestions, moral support, text and graphics, I would like to thank them;<br /> <a href="">Patrik Wallström</a>, <a href="">Mark Klamberg</a>, <a href="">Marie "Emma" Andersson</a>, <a href="">Ted Valentin</a>, <a href="">Martina Lind</a>, <a href="">Patrik Skoog</a>, <a href="">Johan Pettersson</a> and <a href="">Cory Doctorow</a>.</p><p><em>Christopher Isene</em></p>]]></item>
<item name="CREEPER_INDEX_HEADING">About MediaCreeper</item>
<item name="CREEPER_INDEX_META_DESCRIPTION">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] is a simple system for monitoring media, the fourth estate, to expose where they search for information on the internet.</item>
<item name="CREEPER_IPBLOCKS_HEADING">This is the IP-blocks that we monitor:</item>
<item name="CREEPER_IPBLOCKS_META_DESCRIPTION">See which media [%%CREEPER_NAME%%] monitors</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_CONTENT">This is a list of the most recent 500 hits on the sites that we monitor. The blue asterisk next to the site name shows a page of all hits that site has received, a click on the organisation shows where the organisation has been.</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_HEADING_PART">Recent hits</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_LINKTITLE">Report for</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_META_DESCRIPTION">The most recent hits on [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_REFERRER_UNKNOWN">(unknown/hidden referrer)</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LATEST_RSSLINK_TITLE">Latest RSS</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_HISTORY_CAPTION">History</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_HOWTO_CAPTION">Howto</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_INDEX_CAPTION">About</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_IPBLOCKS_CAPTION">IP-blocks</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_LATEST_CAPTION">Latest</item>
<item name="CREEPER_LINK_TOPLISTS_CAPTION">Toplists</item>
<item name="CREEPER_NAMEPAGE_HEADING">These sites has been visited by [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_NAMEPAGE_LINKTITLE">Report for </item>
<item name="CREEPER_NAMEPAGE_TABLESUMMARY">Which sites has been visited by [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]?</item>
<item name="CREEPER_NAME_META_DESCRIPTION">These has been visited by [%%CREEPER_SITE%%], reported on [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_NAME_NOHITS">No hits for [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_404">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - Error page [%%CREEPER_404_URL%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_HOWTO">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - Howto</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_INDEX">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - About</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_IPBLOCKS">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - IP-blocks</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_LATEST">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - Latest</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_NAME">[%%CREEPER_SITE%%] on [%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - See who [%%CREEPER_SITE%%] visited!</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_SITE">[%%CREEPER_SITE%%] on [%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - See who has visited [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]!</item>
<item name="CREEPER_PAGETITLE_TOPLISTS">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - Toplists</item>
<item name="CREEPER_REFERRER_UNKNOWN">(unknown/hidden referrer)</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_LATEST_CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION">The most recent hits at [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_LATEST_CHANNEL_TITLE">Recent hits at [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_NAMES_CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION">The most recent hits for [%%CREEPER_NAMES%%] at [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_NAMES_CHANNEL_TITLE">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - recent hits from [%%CREEPER_NAMES%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_SITES_CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION">The most recent hits for [%%CREEPER_SITENAME%%] at [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_RSS_SITES_CHANNEL_TITLE">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%] - Recent hits at [%%CREEPER_SITENAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SIDEBAR_SECTION_1_CAPTION">Reversed Surveillance</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SIDEBAR_SECTION_2_CAPTION">Others about Surveillance</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SIDEBAR_SECTION_3_CAPTION">Further reading</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SIDEBAR_SECTION_4_CAPTION">Switch Language</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SIDEBAR_SECTION_5_CAPTION">Adverts</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SITEPAGE_HEADING">These media has visited [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SITE_META_DESCRIPTION">These has been visiting [%%CREEPER_SITE%%], reported on [%%CREEPER_NAME%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_SITE_NOHITS">No hits for [%%CREEPER_SITE%%]</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLISTS_HEADING">Toplists - the last 7 days</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLISTS_META_DESCRIPTION">[%%CREEPER_NAME%%]'s toplists, see which and where</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLISTS_ORG_TABLEROW_ORG">Organisation</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLISTS_ORG_TABLE_SUMMARY">hits from organisations</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLISTS_SITE_TABLE_SUMMARY">hits on sites</item>
<item name="CREEPER_TOPLIST_LINKTITLE">Report for</item>

Earlier today I put together a translation for the Norwegian language. MediaCreeper now has three languages more or less ready for production, Swedish, English and Norwegian.

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Progress of today

Sep 04 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been working on a few things today.

The English translation has been tweaked here and there, as I will put it into production soon. Some wording didn’t feel right and I have rewritten parts. I hope to juggle these texts with someone who has English as first language/native tongue.

The RSS-Engine was a bit broken, when someone for some reason was caught as a positive hit in the monitored ranges and didn’t supply a referrer (masked off or filtered), the RSS would come out with text-macros intact, which isn’t pretty or even useful. Added a few lines of code to handle that and adapted the engine further, to handle multilingual stuff and removed/replaced some hard-coded stuff from the templating.

The Multilingual/Language code has been somewhat overhauled, as far as detection and logic-wise, at the moment any other languages other than the supported, Swedish and English, will default (fall backwards) to English… as most people on the Internet at least can understand a little bit of English. Swedish is a relatively small language, about 9 million people around the globe talks, reads and writes it.

I’ve added about 50 ranges for Norway, Denmark and Finland but not activated them yet, just have to throw the switch and they’re active.

Some meta-headers in the HTML has been added/adjusted to ensure that spiders and bots find their way in, with correct URLs. Now CreeperFramework’s version number and revision date is visible in meta-headers.

All this on my development server, nothing deployed yet.

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