IDN-Domains on MC

Jan 25 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just posted an update, fixing a… bug that was introduced the last time I had time to do some updates. The bug effectively stopped all IDN-domains lists on MediaCreeper from being listed, this due to a quirky UTF-8 encoding problem between PHP and MySQL.

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First block?

Nov 25 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve seen signs that at least one media organization has actively blocked MediaCreeper, it’s the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. They have almost disappeared from the toplist and latest pages, only a few hits per day.

I’ve foreseen this situation and have a solution, it’s a bit complicated, a WordPress-plugin (called “Creeper-Ping”) that acts like a proxy — it will forward each page-load to the MediaCreeper server to verify if it’s a hit/miss and serve back the banner accordingly. This plug in is still in early beta and I have it installed on my Swedish blog for testing and development purposes only, it seems like I have to spend a few hours this weekend to get it into production quality.

It’s prepared for several more sites just like MediaCreeper, as the underlying framework is going to be released as open source as soon as I bang it into shape.

I’ve been thinking about how to distribute the collection of traffic across several domains, with a little help from trusted friends and perhaps a few domains or subdomains, a simple PHP-proxy could be hosted on any server, in any directory .. as long as there is some coordination, this would make it possible to use Javascript to include the banner, which would get loaded from the proxy-script, which in turn would report it to MediaCreeper as a hit or miss.

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Slash, the kitten

Oct 02 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

While coding, our new kitten jumped up on the desk and managed to halt a script running on one of my laptops by walking around on the keyboard, also wrote some KittyCode in CreeperDataLayer, “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnmz<<<<<<<<<<<<<", which the PHP engine doesn't like. I didn't see the KittyCode and updated in on production site, with failures -- corrected it and updated. Should not have been any major disturbance to MediaCreeper. Slash is cute... but no programmer.

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