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Jun 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Yesterday the article was published after a long anticipated wait since early April, Scoop: Hur paranoida bör vi vara (“How paranoid should we be?”), unfortunately only available in Swedish — Google Translate mangles it pretty bad but you might get the picture. Scoop is a pocket-sized magazine for investigative journalism published by Föreningen Grävande Journalister (the Swedish Investigative Journalism Association), for which I was interviewed in end of march about online traces, cryptography and anonymity .. this issue were themed “Makt och motstånd” (“Power and resistance”).

I were expecting to buy the paper-version to get hold of the article, but out of curiosity I checked the Scoop site to see if they had released details about the new issue .. they published the whole article online! Still, I ordered the print pocket book, it’s about €9 or $10 on their site, don’t know if they ship outside of Sweden.

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Historical data

Oct 21 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve got a few gigabytes of raw logs saved on disk, some day I’ll process it to update the statistics tables with numbers for positive hits, served hits and unique IPs/day .. which should later be available through the API, along with hits/minute and hits/hour.

To clarify;
“positive hits”, hits from oldmedia.
“served hits”, any hit from anyone .. really just a measure of traffic (only the linked badge).
“unique IPs/day”, unique IPs seen during a server-day (GMT+0000).
“hits/minute”, hits counted during the last hour.
“hits/hour”, hits counted during the last 24 hours.

MediaCreeper is about to turn two years old, a few weeks from now. I started MediaCreeper November 16, 2008.

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CreeperFramework API — small progress

Aug 18 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been working a bit here and there on the API, defined a few functions and written some documentation. The internationalized version will be released as soon as I’m satisfied with the translation, the first language aside Swedish will be English. Shortly after the language-support has been released, I’ll add new ranges for media-houses in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and a bunch of other that I had laying around for a couple of months.

I’ve got a pretty soft deadline for this, “end of November-ish”, sort of. It may occur before that, or after.

I still need translators who can turn English into their own native language, it’s 70-100 lines/text elements in an UTF-8 encoded XML-file, the only thing I can offer is honor and credits on the site, either nickname or real name and link.

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Some links

Jul 21 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

Added a page to the blog, Press and blogs, which lists a few oldmedia articles and blogs that mentions or references MediaCreeper.
This is to maintain some sort of time line, a historical document if you will. It will be updated from time to time, as things develops…

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