Jan 03 2013 Published by under MediaCreeper

MediaCreeper were somewhat broken the last couple of days due to a crashed table in MySQL, which in turn made the logging functions freak out and no referrers were saved, hence the amounts of “(unknown/hidden referrer)”. Also causing some errors to show as joins with broken tables and indexes ate a lot of memory.

Table repaired, memory added and a few other tweaks, should hold up now as there seem to be a lot more traffic, as there has been a WordPress plugin released that accesses the API to gather data and display in the WP Admin interface. Would also be great if the plugin could add a reference to the tracking image somewhere so the blogs using it also could be found in the logs… 😉

This pushes some issues for further development up the todo list; MongoDb and minimize the memory footprint for the code base .. maybe even prepare/adapt for cloud-based hosting.

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New ranges on the way

Sep 14 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

After a long period of inactivity, at least visible inactivity, we have got a bunch of new ranges and are also starting a round of evaluation of old ranges.

Work has started to clean up code, to prepare release of CreeperFramework as open source on github. Further ahead the database layer is gonna get an overhaul, a switch from MySQL to mongodb.

An evaluation of the usage of the API-site to determine if it’s worth the effort to convert it to node.js or not.

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Request for suggestions

Jun 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

It’s been a while since I had the time to really do something constructive with the code, the project has been put into a maintenance phase, not moving in any direction, as I’ve been caught up in work — quitting employment, beginning a new.

I’ll put this request for suggestions out; what would you like to seen added and/or changed on MediaCreeper? All suggestions will be taken under consideration, I’ll even blog about each suggestion and evaluate it, with argumentation for/against inclusion into the code base.

Issues that is already on the roadmap..

  • Optimize database-connections (in transitional work for moving off MySQL to a non-sql database in the future, probably MongoDb)
  • Make web site more dynamic, add ajax to update listings
  • Clean up code base to prepare for public release, as open source
  • Sync API-calls with WordPress plugin CreeperPing
  • Adding full support for IPv6 — currently spotty support

.. there is possibly more issues that I’ve forgotten about, adding them as they bubble up.

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Oct 21 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

After a nice talk with my friend P about MongoDB I’ve been contemplating a bit over switching over, I have no performance issues with MySQL at all but if MongoDB is faster, I’ll go with faster.

I’m going to read up on MongoDB, experiment and fiddle around with it for a while before deciding which way to go… I guess it would reduce CreeperDataLayer a bit in code size and speed up serving data.

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