API considered stable (enough)

Mar 07 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

The MediaCreeper API (http://api.mediacreeper.com/) has been online for a couple of weeks now and are considered stable. It has been linked on the Swedish OpenData-site, a sort of repository of links to open APIs and data collections.

The MediaCreeper API is licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike or CC BY-NC-SA for short.

There are a non-public part of the API that isn’t completed yet, the CreeperPing. It’s a WordPress plugin that will interact with MediaCreeper over a Server-to-Server protocol, capable of circumventing blocking and blacklisting of CreeperFramework (MediaCreeper and variants).

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Multilingual FTW?

Mar 07 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

I just uploaded a PO file to crowdin.net and checked a few languages I consider “primary” as active for translation. Go to http://crowdin.net/project/mediacreeper-multilingual to help us make MediaCreeper truly multilingual. The base-language is English and if you know French, Spanish, Danish, German, Finnish or Dutch, please help us with the 72 text-fragments that need translations.

I’ll add the languages to MediaCreeper as they become completed.

Next round of translations may include .. (your language here). Suggestions welcome, just comment on this post.

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First block?

Nov 25 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve seen signs that at least one media organization has actively blocked MediaCreeper, it’s the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. They have almost disappeared from the toplist and latest pages, only a few hits per day.

I’ve foreseen this situation and have a solution, it’s a bit complicated, a WordPress-plugin (called “Creeper-Ping”) that acts like a proxy — it will forward each page-load to the MediaCreeper server to verify if it’s a hit/miss and serve back the banner accordingly. This plug in is still in early beta and I have it installed on my Swedish blog for testing and development purposes only, it seems like I have to spend a few hours this weekend to get it into production quality.

It’s prepared for several more sites just like MediaCreeper, as the underlying framework is going to be released as open source as soon as I bang it into shape.

I’ve been thinking about how to distribute the collection of traffic across several domains, with a little help from trusted friends and perhaps a few domains or subdomains, a simple PHP-proxy could be hosted on any server, in any directory .. as long as there is some coordination, this would make it possible to use Javascript to include the banner, which would get loaded from the proxy-script, which in turn would report it to MediaCreeper as a hit or miss.

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Thoughts about the future of MediaCreeper

Nov 17 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been thinking for a while about rewriting the whole shebang from scratch, again. This time in C, to make it faster, smaller and more efficient. A compiled binary that has a webserver, template engine, support for REDIS, MySQL and other stuff, everything rolled into a single file.

I’ve been playing with a thought about sketching it all out on a large sheet of paper, putting it up in my home office, both as a reminder and a mind map/general layout illustration of how it works in detail.

Maybe it’ll be done when MediaCreeper turns three, four or more. A the moment it’s just a bunch of thoughts. I’ll take it from there.

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MediaCreeper, two years and going…

Nov 16 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

Today MediaCreeper turned two years old. I posted the following text on it’s Facebook group;

Late last night or really early this morning, MediaCreeper turned two years. The first day on the internet, November 16 2008 MediaCreeper got about 150 hits from oldmedia and a hits of about 26000 unique IPs — today on average it get 1500-5000 hits from oldmedia and a total of about 180000-225000 unique IPs .. every day.

To celebrate this big day, MediaCreeper got yet another language aside from Swedish; English. In a few days, there will be yet another language, this time Norwegian.

As the quote above states, I updated it with a new language and it’s now the default for visitors, it will open up for even more users and visitors. Let me know if there is any misspellings or such.

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Historical data

Oct 21 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve got a few gigabytes of raw logs saved on disk, some day I’ll process it to update the statistics tables with numbers for positive hits, served hits and unique IPs/day .. which should later be available through the API, along with hits/minute and hits/hour.

To clarify;
“positive hits”, hits from oldmedia.
“served hits”, any hit from anyone .. really just a measure of traffic (only the linked badge).
“unique IPs/day”, unique IPs seen during a server-day (GMT+0000).
“hits/minute”, hits counted during the last hour.
“hits/hour”, hits counted during the last 24 hours.

MediaCreeper is about to turn two years old, a few weeks from now. I started MediaCreeper November 16, 2008.

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Progress of today

Sep 04 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been working on a few things today.

The English translation has been tweaked here and there, as I will put it into production soon. Some wording didn’t feel right and I have rewritten parts. I hope to juggle these texts with someone who has English as first language/native tongue.

The RSS-Engine was a bit broken, when someone for some reason was caught as a positive hit in the monitored ranges and didn’t supply a referrer (masked off or filtered), the RSS would come out with text-macros intact, which isn’t pretty or even useful. Added a few lines of code to handle that and adapted the engine further, to handle multilingual stuff and removed/replaced some hard-coded stuff from the templating.

The Multilingual/Language code has been somewhat overhauled, as far as detection and logic-wise, at the moment any other languages other than the supported, Swedish and English, will default (fall backwards) to English… as most people on the Internet at least can understand a little bit of English. Swedish is a relatively small language, about 9 million people around the globe talks, reads and writes it.

I’ve added about 50 ranges for Norway, Denmark and Finland but not activated them yet, just have to throw the switch and they’re active.

Some meta-headers in the HTML has been added/adjusted to ensure that spiders and bots find their way in, with correct URLs. Now CreeperFramework’s version number and revision date is visible in meta-headers.

All this on my development server, nothing deployed yet.

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CreeperFramework API — small progress

Aug 18 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been working a bit here and there on the API, defined a few functions and written some documentation. The internationalized version will be released as soon as I’m satisfied with the translation, the first language aside Swedish will be English. Shortly after the language-support has been released, I’ll add new ranges for media-houses in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and a bunch of other that I had laying around for a couple of months.

I’ve got a pretty soft deadline for this, “end of November-ish”, sort of. It may occur before that, or after.

I still need translators who can turn English into their own native language, it’s 70-100 lines/text elements in an UTF-8 encoded XML-file, the only thing I can offer is honor and credits on the site, either nickname or real name and link.

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First post

Jul 14 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

A blog for MediaCreeper? Well, as my private blog is filled with rants about MediaCreeper, this will hereafter be the primary blog for posts about the development and other stuff that is related.

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