Sun-down for old URLs

Apr 23 2015 Published by under MediaCreeper

Ok, so almost 5 years (redirected 2010-04-25) have passed since moving MediaCreeper to its own domain(s) .. tonight the redirect was removed from the earlier URLs which now responds with 410 Gone.

If it stopped working for you – update!

You’ve only had 5 years as sun-down, go to – copy and paste the HTML to replace the old code.

If your MediaCreeper-button does not load or does not show, check if it is linked as or anything else is linked as .. everything there is gone since 2015-04-23 23:30:00 UTC+0200.

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CreeperPing, the WordPress plugin

Feb 22 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

I got a message from a friend on twitter the other day, about the WordPress plugin I was developing a while ago. Up to now, it has stalled, completely, as the development of the API-site/service of the CreeperFramework went high priority the plugin were left behind, none of the API-calls that made it tick are the same, so I’ll have to rewrite those parts.

The CreeperPing plugin for WordPress is a simple way to evade filtering and blocking that some media houses do, as communication happens server-to-server, then they can block MediaCreeper all they want, their trails will still be visible..

I’ve never written a complete WordPress plugin from scratch, only hacked up existing ones beyond recognition, this will be an interesting journey. I’ve got professional WP-developers to hold my hand while coding and hopefully it’ll be done in the near future, a few weeks at most.

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USA, the land of the free .. or not

Feb 05 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

Found this blogpost on G+, Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity which led to DHS: Privacy Investigations & Compliance Reviews, could not let this go without atleast a comment.

In the US, it’s now ‘OK’ to spy on journalists online. Yup, the journalists is now lumped together with terrorists and organized crime.

When I started MediaCreeper, it were aimed at journalists at big media-houses in Sweden, as a reaction on lack of reaction from the ‘fourth estate’ and individual journalists when repressive laws were about to be signed. Since then it’s been up over 1200 days on the internet.

I’m all for journalism and investigative work/groundwork for deep and analytical articles, which often require people inside companies, personnel in governmental settings to be able to speak with journalists without reprisals — informants who step forward in short.

This development in the USA is really disturbing, the USA lowers itself to the level of dictator-led states where the media is controlled and censored or completely taken over and used as a propaganda apparatus. This is bad, really bad.

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Even more tweaks

Feb 03 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

After last incident I’ve been keeping an eye on the server, the traffic generates huge log files which almost filled up the disk, even when rotating them each day…

So, all logging has been turned off completely .. not that it was ever used for anything else than checking the flow of requests .. but ~4Gb logs aren’t practical to handle. All the Apache logs are gone, hello disk space!

Hopefully, the server will be somewhat more stable from now on ..

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CBA or what?!

Jan 31 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

This evening I browsed some sites and noticed they had the MediaCreeper badge on them, I clicked on them and came to a completely blank page, WTH?! Tried to reload the page, no success.

Fired up SSH to connect to the server, logged in and found the disk full. Stupid mistake, I know.

When I configured the server back in 2010 after moving it to a separate, dedicated VPS, I figured it’d only require about 20Gb of disk — I was wrong.

I nuked a few of the logfiles as they are not needed for every day use and freed up some space, tweaked logrotate a bit and still had > 60% disk usage. Added some more disk and holding thumbs.

MediaCreeper shuffles ~50Gb/month at the moment, I moved it off my other hosting when it touched 20Gb/month .. It have more than doubled in traffic since 2010, popular service eh?

Now it should run without filling up the disk for a while, unless it touches 70Gb/month or in that area..

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More Spotify invite codes

Jul 27 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper


… and don’t forget to add the MediaCreeper tracker code to your blog. Enjoy!

Update: All Spotify invite codes has been used up.

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In the press again ( )

Jun 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Yesterday the article was published after a long anticipated wait since early April, Scoop: Hur paranoida bör vi vara (“How paranoid should we be?”), unfortunately only available in Swedish — Google Translate mangles it pretty bad but you might get the picture. Scoop is a pocket-sized magazine for investigative journalism published by Föreningen Grävande Journalister (the Swedish Investigative Journalism Association), for which I was interviewed in end of march about online traces, cryptography and anonymity .. this issue were themed “Makt och motstånd” (“Power and resistance”).

I were expecting to buy the paper-version to get hold of the article, but out of curiosity I checked the Scoop site to see if they had released details about the new issue .. they published the whole article online! Still, I ordered the print pocket book, it’s about €9 or $10 on their site, don’t know if they ship outside of Sweden.

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Request for suggestions

Jun 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

It’s been a while since I had the time to really do something constructive with the code, the project has been put into a maintenance phase, not moving in any direction, as I’ve been caught up in work — quitting employment, beginning a new.

I’ll put this request for suggestions out; what would you like to seen added and/or changed on MediaCreeper? All suggestions will be taken under consideration, I’ll even blog about each suggestion and evaluate it, with argumentation for/against inclusion into the code base.

Issues that is already on the roadmap..

  • Optimize database-connections (in transitional work for moving off MySQL to a non-sql database in the future, probably MongoDb)
  • Make web site more dynamic, add ajax to update listings
  • Clean up code base to prepare for public release, as open source
  • Sync API-calls with WordPress plugin CreeperPing
  • Adding full support for IPv6 — currently spotty support

.. there is possibly more issues that I’ve forgotten about, adding them as they bubble up.

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Better IPv6

Apr 25 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just updated a chunk of code that handled the parsing of IPv6 (6to4) .. where IPv4 are tunneled through IPv6 … and IPv4 addresses are embedded within IPv6 addresses. The chunk of code has been tested against approximately 16000 IPv6 addresses and test patterns.

Possibly we have missed a few hits where a small number of addresses were parsed wrong and dismissed as negative hits. We will keep an eye on the statistics for this and tweak it further if necessary.

CreeperFramework (which is the platform MediaCreeper is built upon) does not yet support IPv6 fully, work is in progress for this and will be supported in the near future. CreeperFramework will be released as open source when code base is mature for a public release.

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Old logs

Apr 17 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

To correct and fill in missing data, I wrote a small shell-script to parse through old logs, some 9Gb of old logs. There is some more work required to massage the parsed data to something useful, so it’ll be online as soon as I’ve had a few more hours to spend on it.

When done, it should be possible to render diagrams of traffic on MediaCreeper from November 16th 2008 to today’s date, on total hits, positive hits and unique IP’s.

The last couple of weeks has been quite busy, so I haven’t had that much time to work on CreeperFramework and MediaCreeper. I have a few new ideas to try, but I’ll put them on hold for the moment.

The end of this month will be the last days on my current job, a new job from the May 2nd which is based in my city, less travel, better salary, more sleep and more time for MediaCreeper.

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