Html 5 and API

May 06 2014 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve started toying around with yet another incarnation of MediaCreeper, to conserve bandwidth, make it fit better on mobile devices and to learning new technology.

Working on the internals at the moment,  updating the API to handle requests from the Html 5 frontend.

More details later.

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MediaCreeper API

Feb 23 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

This last weekend I had some time to spend on finish up on the REST API for MediaCreeper, it is still vera beta-ish and needs somewhat more polishing. You’ll find it at

I’ve also whipped together a mobile (as in mobile-phone) version of the main MediaCreeper site, that one is sort of closed-beta .. and needs some more work on css and jquery. More on this when it’s ready for release.

I started to code a javascript-widget a few months back, still on my todo-list. It’ll be done somewhere between march and when the cows come home .. any year now.

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