Dec 16 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Yesterday something went horribly wrong, a simple reboot of the server turned into a lengthy downtime due to losing most IPv4 connectivity while still having spotty IPv6 connectivity.

We lost about 12 hours of traffic/logging and we’re really sorry about that.

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Better IPv6

Apr 25 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just updated a chunk of code that handled the parsing of IPv6 (6to4) .. where IPv4 are tunneled through IPv6 … and IPv4 addresses are embedded within IPv6 addresses. The chunk of code has been tested against approximately 16000 IPv6 addresses and test patterns.

Possibly we have missed a few hits where a small number of addresses were parsed wrong and dismissed as negative hits. We will keep an eye on the statistics for this and tweak it further if necessary.

CreeperFramework (which is the platform MediaCreeper is built upon) does not yet support IPv6 fully, work is in progress for this and will be supported in the near future. CreeperFramework will be released as open source when code base is mature for a public release.

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