A few corrections and additions

Jun 29 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

We noticed earlier that Aftonbladet AB almost disappeared from listings, turns out that they inherited a partial range from their sister-company Svenska Dagbladet AB, as they are now located in the same building. We got a tip through email with no specifics about what ranges were split/delegated .. dug it out in a matter of minutes.

Svenska Dagbladet AB -

was changed into…

Svenska Dagbladet AB -
Aftonbladet AB -

Another tip we received through email was a new Norwegian newspaper, which we could not find .. instead, while researching we found a few other that we now have added to the ranges .. Norwegian and Danish newspapers. - Bergens Tidende AS - Bergens Tidende AS - Bergens Tidende AS - Norsk Rikskringkasting AS NRK - Bergens Tidende AS - Fjordenes Tidende AS - Bornholms Tidende - Berlingske - Berlingske - Bornholms Tidende - Bornholms Tidende


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Maintenance update

Mar 13 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just updated a lot of code and templates of the CreeperFramework, preparing for further updates. No new ranges in this update but I’ve got serveral up my sleeve.

Some optimization, prettification, validation of HTML, tweaks on SEO-stuff, javascript and will turn on compression in the next update.

I’ll put some effort into completing the WordPress plugin, CreeperPing .. as the project has gone stale. Need to put this one out the door.

Have given evercookie‘s a thought ..

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New ranges, this time with focus on Norway

Jan 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Last night (early today) I updated and added some 200 new ranges that had been building up in my buffers, with help from a fellow tweep, I got several new Norwegian ranges down.
A few Danish, Hungarian, Italian and French ranges made it in too.

Also had the Norwegian language definition for MediaCreeper out for a test-run with a genuine Norwegian .. “somewhat correct”.

Sometime during the next week the Norwegian language will be released. There’s a few corrections and a little longer translation needed.

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New Italian

Dec 13 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

It just happened, the 101 new Italian IP-ranges just went online on MediaCreeper. Most of them cover radio and television, in the coming days/weeks more efforts to dig up newspapers, publishers and record labels.

Italian bloggers: Si prega di codificare i tuoi blog con il banner MediaCreeper così il vostro blog compaiono nei risultati, i media italiani aventi tuoi blog in cerca di notizie, scoop e scandali.

(Please tag your blogs with the MediaCreeper-banner so your blogs show up in the results, Italian media trawls your blogs in search for news, scoops and scandals.)

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Ranges updated

Oct 17 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I updated the ranges with about 80 new, mostly Finnish, Norwegian and Danish oldmedia. Should be noticeable during the day tomorrow. I have not checked or examined every range superduper hard for accuracy but it should be accurate enough, there might be ranges that has expired among the older once.

Still working with the translations, built a simple translation tool to be able to quickly extract chunks to send to translators, when I find them. The text chunks is about 80-ish short ones and 1-2 longer ones.

Soft-deadline in mid-November. European release before new year and global in April. That’s the plan, there will certainly be changes.

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CreeperFramework API — small progress

Aug 18 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I’ve been working a bit here and there on the API, defined a few functions and written some documentation. The internationalized version will be released as soon as I’m satisfied with the translation, the first language aside Swedish will be English. Shortly after the language-support has been released, I’ll add new ranges for media-houses in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and a bunch of other that I had laying around for a couple of months.

I’ve got a pretty soft deadline for this, “end of November-ish”, sort of. It may occur before that, or after.

I still need translators who can turn English into their own native language, it’s 70-100 lines/text elements in an UTF-8 encoded XML-file, the only thing I can offer is honor and credits on the site, either nickname or real name and link.

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