Maintenance update

Mar 13 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just updated a lot of code and templates of the CreeperFramework, preparing for further updates. No new ranges in this update but I’ve got serveral up my sleeve.

Some optimization, prettification, validation of HTML, tweaks on SEO-stuff, javascript and will turn on compression in the next update.

I’ll put some effort into completing the WordPress plugin, CreeperPing .. as the project has gone stale. Need to put this one out the door.

Have given evercookie‘s a thought ..

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Sep 27 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

Today I’ve done some tweaking of MediaCreeper, a few internal changes to the database structures, to simplify and ease JOINs between tables. This is to prepare for goodies to come.

Image (the small badge) serving code has been revised somewhat to serve the image directly in stead of redirecting (302’d it) to the image. A few header values changed to prevent it from being cached. Creds to Pawal! 🙂

CreeperDataLayer-, CreeperImageServe-, CreeperUtils- and CreeperTemplateEngine-classes has been modified to reflect all the internal changes made. Should be a little bit faster.

CreeperTemplateEngine were a bit wonky, compression did not always hit browsers successfully, with errors as a result — required you to reload page. Disabled compression until I get the time to oversee the code.

Widget should be online soon, almost working.

API should also be online soon, heavily reworked.

When updating some classes on the production server, I accidentally broke some code that are to be activated later, leaving MediaCreeper dead in the water for a minute or two, a simple fix — a configuration value were missing in the configuration file on the production server.

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