Mar 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Somehow I managed to fill up the server disk with either cached data or logs, probably cache, discovered it while at work and had to dig up my login credentials for the VPS hosting, added more disk and pressed “play”. Seems to work at the moment, but I’ll check what happened when I get home tonight.

The service did not go down, just the website .. while serving pages. In a little more than two years, I’ve had about 4 hours downtime.

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A little fuckup, theme-wise

Jul 25 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

I updated the theme on this blog without thinking, it updated fine and broke all the small tweaks I had done on the previous version. Duh.

So, I got a new theme that doesn’t require tweaks to look like something that I like.

A short summary of MediaCreeper-work done on my vacation: a little to non. I have tweaked the cache-layer a bit since my first hours of vacation when the site stalled out due to overload of MySQL-connections along with short TTL of cache. Switched from connect to pconnect to reuse connections, which now allows higher loads/amounts of hits on banner and visitors on the site. Also added code to export and purge logs at 90 days, I think 90 days is quite a long time on the internet. Today I switched the top-banner (AdSense) on the MediaCreeper site, from 468×60 to 728×90, required a few tweaks on the style-sheet .. The site might look a little wonky for a few hours as the style-sheet has a future expiry time, nothing breaks completely though.

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