MediaCreeper was released November 16 2008 at about 02:30, then located at http://www.b19.se/mediacreeper/index (which is now redirected). In april 2010 a new version was released, completely rewritten and now hosted on its own domain; http://mediacreeper.com/ .. with only swedish language available at the moment.

Since 2015-04-23 23:30 UTC+0200 the redirects from http://www.b19.se/mediacreeper/ is now responding 410 Gone as a 5 year sun-down should be enough, since it started redirecting at 2010-04-25…

MediaCreeper is in constant transformation, it might not be visible at all times but work is being done almost every day, small tweaks here and there. Also there will be more languages available as translations are being done.

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