CreeperPing, the WordPress Plugin rebooted

Dec 23 2014 Published by under MediaCreeper

Yeah, about that…
I’ve started to code on it again, after being busy with lots of other stuff in my life, like having a son, getting married .. that sort of stuff.

The core parts are pretty much done, working on some authentication parts now and adapting/adjusting the plugin with the rewamped API.

In short; media houses will not able to block traffic to MediaCreeper – as some actually are doing to avoid showing up on lists on MediaCreeper. A visit from a media house on a blog where the CreeperPing plugin is installed, will be transferred directly from the blog-hosting server to MediaCreeper, without passing the media house so there is nothing for them to block or filter.

A few selected friends will be beta-testing after the holidays, or whenever I had the time to complete the code and internal testing.

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