Jan 03 2013 Published by under MediaCreeper

MediaCreeper were somewhat broken the last couple of days due to a crashed table in MySQL, which in turn made the logging functions freak out and no referrers were saved, hence the amounts of “(unknown/hidden referrer)”. Also causing some errors to show as joins with broken tables and indexes ate a lot of memory.

Table repaired, memory added and a few other tweaks, should hold up now as there seem to be a lot more traffic, as there has been a WordPress plugin released that accesses the API to gather data and display in the WP Admin interface. Would also be great if the plugin could add a reference to the tracking image somewhere so the blogs using it also could be found in the logs… 😉

This pushes some issues for further development up the todo list; MongoDb and minimize the memory footprint for the code base .. maybe even prepare/adapt for cloud-based hosting.

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