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CreeperPing, the WordPress plugin

Feb 22 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

I got a message from a friend on twitter the other day, about the WordPress plugin I was developing a while ago. Up to now, it has stalled, completely, as the development of the API-site/service of the CreeperFramework went high priority the plugin were left behind, none of the API-calls that made it tick are the same, so I’ll have to rewrite those parts.

The CreeperPing plugin for WordPress is a simple way to evade filtering and blocking that some media houses do, as communication happens server-to-server, then they can block MediaCreeper all they want, their trails will still be visible..

I’ve never written a complete WordPress plugin from scratch, only hacked up existing ones beyond recognition, this will be an interesting journey. I’ve got professional WP-developers to hold my hand while coding and hopefully it’ll be done in the near future, a few weeks at most.

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USA, the land of the free .. or not

Feb 05 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

Found this blogpost on G+, Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity which led to DHS: Privacy Investigations & Compliance Reviews, could not let this go without atleast a comment.

In the US, it’s now ‘OK’ to spy on journalists online. Yup, the journalists is now lumped together with terrorists and organized crime.

When I started MediaCreeper, it were aimed at journalists at big media-houses in Sweden, as a reaction on lack of reaction from the ‘fourth estate’ and individual journalists when repressive laws were about to be signed. Since then it’s been up over 1200 days on the internet.

I’m all for journalism and investigative work/groundwork for deep and analytical articles, which often require people inside companies, personnel in governmental settings to be able to speak with journalists without reprisals — informants who step forward in short.

This development in the USA is really disturbing, the USA lowers itself to the level of dictator-led states where the media is controlled and censored or completely taken over and used as a propaganda apparatus. This is bad, really bad.

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Even more tweaks

Feb 03 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

After last incident I’ve been keeping an eye on the server, the traffic generates huge log files which almost filled up the disk, even when rotating them each day…

So, all logging has been turned off completely .. not that it was ever used for anything else than checking the flow of requests .. but ~4Gb logs aren’t practical to handle. All the Apache logs are gone, hello disk space!

Hopefully, the server will be somewhat more stable from now on ..

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