CBA or what?!

Jan 31 2012 Published by under MediaCreeper

This evening I browsed some sites and noticed they had the MediaCreeper badge on them, I clicked on them and came to a completely blank page, WTH?! Tried to reload the page, no success.

Fired up SSH to connect to the server, logged in and found the disk full. Stupid mistake, I know.

When I configured the server back in 2010 after moving it to a separate, dedicated VPS, I figured it’d only require about 20Gb of disk — I was wrong.

I nuked a few of the logfiles as they are not needed for every day use and freed up some space, tweaked logrotate a bit and still had > 60% disk usage. Added some more disk and holding thumbs.

MediaCreeper shuffles ~50Gb/month at the moment, I moved it off my other hosting when it touched 20Gb/month .. It have more than doubled in traffic since 2010, popular service eh?

Now it should run without filling up the disk for a while, unless it touches 70Gb/month or in that area..

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