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IDN-Domains on MC

Jan 25 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Just posted an update, fixing a… bug that was introduced the last time I had time to do some updates. The bug effectively stopped all IDN-domains lists on MediaCreeper from being listed, this due to a quirky UTF-8 encoding problem between PHP and MySQL.

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A few updates

Jan 17 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

I just rolled out a few updates, most dealing with IDN-domains. Noticed that it broke in a few places, encoding, encoding encoding… well, I’ll fix it tomorrow as it isn’t a show-stopper.

The sorting of the SiteCloud on the /latest page has been fixed, IDN-domains where always on the “bottom” as it was sorted on the domain name, the IDN prefix, “xn--“, made that happen — now the domains are unIDNed (a word?) .. so they appear normal.

A few cleaners applied, and are stripped and original links are restored.

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New ranges, this time with focus on Norway

Jan 15 2011 Published by under MediaCreeper

Last night (early today) I updated and added some 200 new ranges that had been building up in my buffers, with help from a fellow tweep, I got several new Norwegian ranges down.
A few Danish, Hungarian, Italian and French ranges made it in too.

Also had the Norwegian language definition for MediaCreeper out for a test-run with a genuine Norwegian .. “somewhat correct”.

Sometime during the next week the Norwegian language will be released. There’s a few corrections and a little longer translation needed.

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