MediaCreeper, two years and going…

Nov 16 2010 Published by under MediaCreeper

Today MediaCreeper turned two years old. I posted the following text on it’s Facebook group;

Late last night or really early this morning, MediaCreeper turned two years. The first day on the internet, November 16 2008 MediaCreeper got about 150 hits from oldmedia and a hits of about 26000 unique IPs — today on average it get 1500-5000 hits from oldmedia and a total of about 180000-225000 unique IPs .. every day.

To celebrate this big day, MediaCreeper got yet another language aside from Swedish; English. In a few days, there will be yet another language, this time Norwegian.

As the quote above states, I updated it with a new language and it’s now the default for visitors, it will open up for even more users and visitors. Let me know if there is any misspellings or such.

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