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I’ve built MediaCreeper with support for multiple languages, at the moment there is two complete language definitions; Swedish and English.

These are the two languages I can handle and speak, read and write. English will be enough to reach out to the world but I can imagine that there will be requests for German, French… Mandarin?

It’s quite simple really, all strings (yes, strings) of all languages are kept in a single XML-document (will be split into several if necessary) that is read when a page is prepared for rendering (in CreeperFramework’s TemplateEngine), a selector is used to point at a language out of several — so it’s easy to add more.

The few things needed to create a new language/translation is a language-template file (an XML-fragment really) and a good text editor that can handle UTF-8 encoding properly.

I think it is even possible to handle RTL-languages, I have nevere tried it, all the bits should be there though.

Interested in translating MediaCreeper into another language? Write me a mail, mediacreeper (-at-)

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